SpruceRoots Magazine - December 2000

Log and Leave it

Logging has been approved by District Manager, Rory Annett for Maude Island and in Jiinanga (Government Creek) the last untouched watershed in Skidegate Inlet.

In response to community concerns, Mr. Annett stated in his approval letter that he is "satisfied that the plan will adequately manage and conserve the forest resources." This, despite the fact that Mr. Annett is aware of the historical public opposition to logging in the inlet without public process.

On Maude Island, seven cutblocks will be clearly visible from Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate Village, along the highway corridor and from the new home of the Qay'llnagaay Heritage Centre. These blocks will have negative consequences on the growing tourism potential of the area (see photo aove). Of concern is the fact that one of the cutblocks borders the Haida village site of Haina - a Haida reserve land and National Historic Site.

A Short history of Jiinanga

SpruceRoots Magazine - December 2000