SpruceRoots Magazine - December 2000


We the people of Haida Gwaii come together to sign this Book of Unity.

Unity in our understanding that Haida Gwaii is the hereditary homeland of the Haida people.

Unity in affirming that the people who have chosen to make this their home recognize the inherent values of Haida Gwaii.

Unity in our respect for how the land and
sea around us nurture our lives.

Unity in our appreciation that whatever we enjoy on the islands today should be here for the generations that come after ours.

Unity in valuing the wisdom of our elders, the imagination of our youth, and the guidance of our conscience.

Unity in asserting our responsibility to work together in caring for the beauty and richness that has been, is now and always will be Haida Gwaii.

SpruceRoots Magazine - December 2000