Spruceroots Gallery


Map of logging, 2004

Map of logging, 2005


Totem Pole Site

Raven Mask

Painted Cedar Panel

Tow Hill

View from the Beach

View from a Bog


Twisted Cedars at Jiinanga

Candelabra Tree

Jiinanga Walk

Bear Den

Jiinanga to Security Inlet

Looking north from Jiinanga

The creek at Jiinanga

Spruce & moss

Tlell Watershed

Tlell Trees

Tlell River Falls

Around the Islands

Balance Rock

Culturally Modified Tree

Fog Shrouded Coastline

Kiusta mortuary pole

Log barge loading logs

Sea stars and mussels

S'kung Gwaii

Spruce Forest

Swimming Bear

Takakia Lake

Yakoun Lake

Taalung slung