The purpose of the Gowgaia Institute is to promote sustainability, which means a lasting and diversified economy, prosperous communities, and a healthy, productive environment. It also means that whatever we enjoy on the Islands today should be here in equal measure, and equal value, for the generations that come after ours.

We approach our goal through programs of community networking, communications, mapping, technical analysis and land use planning. We aim to build awareness and understanding about what’s happening in the Haida Gwaii bioregion by publishing maps and information, encouraging public dialogue and engaging with others in the search for solutions.

We believe that Haida Gwaii belongs first and foremost to the Haida, as it has for the past ten thousand years and will for millenia to come. We also believe that the modern Islands Community is a part of Canada and British Columbia and that many Islanders share common concerns about the well-being of the forests and the stability of our communities. And so the solutions we seek include changing the way decisions are made so that the people who live here play a rightful role in managing the forest industry and sharing the benefits.

We work at the community level in partnership and consultation with individuals, with other community organizations, with local councils and government agencies, with industry and with the Haida Nation. Our optimism is based upon our experience that people become empowered when they engage in informed dialogue. And when people are empowered, they are not afraid of change. Instead of resisting it, they become its champions.

The Gowgaia Institute is operated by the registered charity Earthlife Canada Foundation. Our publications, research and mapping products are distributed free and are also available upon request. We welcome donations from anyone who shares in our vision and wishes to support our work.


John Broadhead | Natalie Macfarlane
Jim Hart | Vicky Husband

Executive Director, Leslie Johnson
Earthlife Canada Foundation Registered Charity Number - 118890383RR0001