Islands Community Stability Initiative



FRBC is a crown corporation funded by stumpage fees paid to log BC's forests. As the name implies, the purpose of the fund is to renew, revitalize and diversify the forest industry. Funding is divided into five areas: land and resources, environment, value-added, workforce and communities. FRBC works with communities, environmental organizations, First Nations, government agencies, workers, forest companies and contractors.

"Investment priorities include enhancing the health and productivity of the province's forests, restoring and protecting the forest environment, creating more value and jobs from each tree harvested, providing training opportunities for forest sector workers, and strengthening forest communities." (1996/97 FRBC Handbook for Land-based Programs)

FRBC is not to be used to subsidize Ministry of Forests' operational responsibilities.
Approximately $16 million was collected from the Islands in 1994. FRBC programs will be a vital component for supporting the Island Community through this time of transition to sustainability.


ICSI is applying for FRBC funding to undertake four initial projects: establishing a community resource board; developing and implementing Community Forest options; creating value-added opportunities; and choosing a power generation option.
ICSI will work cooperatively with the FRBC District Advisory Committee to ensure a comprehensive strategy for renewal. An express commitment to cooperation is required from FRBC.

Specifically, we support the decision of the Advisory Committee (January 19/96) to develop a forest inventory review process, through the cooperative effort of all parties with an interest in raising confidence in the forest inventory, consistent with section 4.4 above. We also support economic feasibility studies for selection harvesting of second growth trees.

FRBC funding for initiatives on-Island should at least reflect the amounts collected from the Islands forests.

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