SpruceRoots Magazine - April, 1999


The artists and guides pose before spending the day of March 20 in the Tlell area. The walk was preparation for an open-community art show about the watershed that gets underway April 23, at the Haida Gwaii Museum at Qay'llnagaay. The show is sponsored by the Tlell Watershed Society and Friends of Tlell.

The group of artists divided into three groups and explored various aspects of the watershed. Two groups headed down-river to the ocean, and another up-river to the interior (photo gallery below.)

Front row - Charlotte Husband, John Farrell, Maureen Benoit, Linda Grant with Nicholas, Bensen Hilgemann, Emily Golumbia. Second row - James Hilgemann with Elin, Elaine Nyeholt, Anne Wilson, Bob Crooks, Delores Davis, Berry Wijdeven, Kimiko Bechta, Judy Perry, Terry Husband - standing, Lisa Bland, Lindsay MacMahon, Al Cliff, Linda Carney, Dennis Van Westerberg, Judy Hilgemann, Patty Daniels with Isaac Golumbia.

More pictures here. Huge Hemlock Tree | Merging Trails | Lunch Break

SpruceRoots Magazine - April, 1999