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"Reason" makes the world go round

by Ralph Nelson

I went to New Brunswick. It snowed through the dawn. I arrived tired of sitting on the bus. I wanted to walk in the Eastern forests. I wanted to commune there with trees. I wanted a place to stay awhile. I could only find saplings and tended plantations. I asked where the old growth forest was-I asked many, and I was told by many. I saw all the miles of road across the province before I really believed," There isn't any."

I live here on the Islands, but I've been to New Brunswick, and I'm worried. I am Canadian-they are Canadians there too. They seem like friendly, reasonable people, but they live in a province where they have cut all the trees down. I am sure the reasons they cut the trees down were given in calm even tones and spoken in reasonable words, and I am sure some were very rich after that. There are a lot of poor people in the province of New Brunswick now.

Well, outside of parks and plantations, we don't have much forest left in BC either-precious little.
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