SpruceRoots Magazine - November, 1999


Buying, Picking and Selling

by Brigid Cumming

People who actually pick mushrooms. Theses are divided into three main groups: recreational pickers (maybe 10% of harvest), local part-time harvesters (up to two-thirds of commercial workforce) and transient full-time 'professional' harvesters (about one-third of commercial workforce.)

Field Buyer
Buys directly from pickers through stations often set up on or near picking sites. These local buyers re-sell to, or act as agents for, the larger exporting companies, purchasing according to market demand and shipping product to Vancouver. They may do some processing, but drying is the only processing that has been done on the Islands.

Buys directly from field buyers around the province and re-sells into Japan (pines), Europe and North America (chanterelles, boletes, and other species.) In 1998 there were 16 active companies exporting food mushrooms from BC. Some of these companies are exporting and re-selling their product to major US-based international exporters.


SpruceRoots Magazine - November, 1999