SpruceRoots Magazine - November, 1999


10-years of birds, dark nights, people and whales

The Laskeek Bay Conservation Society (LBCS) is a group of volunteers on Haida Gwaii dedicated to increasing public understanding of the natural world.

Since 1990 the society has conducted a long-term research, monitoring, and interpretation program on Limestone Island. The island is home to a large breeding colony of Ancient Murrelets.

Between April and July the birds comae to nest and hatch their young, and when ready they venture out to sea. Volunteers and students from Haida Gwaii and from around the world work alongside field staff to study the breeding pairs and murrelet chicks that emerge from their burrows. Involvement in the environmental monitoring program gives volunteers and students a better understanding of why the protection of native plants and animals is important for maintaining healthy island ecosystems.

If you would like to learn more about LBCS come to our 10th Anniversary Exhibit at the Haida Gwaii Museum, December 3-17. Past volunteers are contributing poetry, photographs, and artwork to give a personal view of their experiences on Limestone Island.

Refreshments will be served on opening night and society directors will provide information and answer any questions.

If you have volunteered and have something to contribute please come by the LBCS office and talk to Greg or Lenard.

Laskeek Bay Conservation Society
3219 Wharf St. Queen Charlotte

* photo of Humback whales off Limestone Island by Tony Gaston

SpruceRoots Magazine - November, 1999