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The Bear Mother is the bottom figure on the pole. The Bear Mother sits with a Cub between her hind legs. See pictures below for a top view of the Mother Bear and the progression from the roughed out figure to her painted completion.

Bear Mother side view
This link shows a side view of the figure.

Cub Figure
This link shows the progression of the Cub Figure in five photos.

Paw Design
This link shows two preliminary paw designs and the final drawn design.

View from the top. Pencil lines still show from the intial drawing on the log.
Carving has roughed out the large shapes.

The Mother Bear has most of her detail carved.

Into her final stages, eyebrows are now carved and prominent.
Note the tail of the Whale Figure just above her head, and on the right of the
Bear body you can see the drawing and the beginning carving of the paw.

The Bear Mother painted. Note ears at the top of the photo, and paws in the foreground. The Cub Figure sits just below the paws.

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