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The carving shed at Skidegate, Haida Gwaii.


1. Guujaaw sets up to take off another slabwith the Alaskan mill. A string is stretched on nails from each end of the log, nails are then driven into the log along the length of the string with the head of the nail driven to the level of the string. A 2"X 8" board is layed on top of the nails giving a level surface on which the Alaskan mill slides along.

2. Milling the log. You can see a few slabs that have been taken off on the ground to the left side of the log. A slab is cut from the log. the log is rolled and another slab is cut. This process continues until all sides are milled and the log is rounded. There were about 25 slabs cut to get the log into an even round shape

3. The rounded log is swept off and is now ready to move into the carving shed.

4. The log in the carving shed and set up in postion

5. Gwaii Edenshaw and Guujaaw take the edges of the milled log off with
power planes to further round and smooth the log

6. With the log planned off Guujaaw marks out the scale he is using on the length of the log. The scale is used initally to gauge figure sizes and proportions on the pole. As carving ensues more traditional methods of proportion and design take place.

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