On September 6, the Gowgaia Institute opened an art exhibition titled
TERRITORY at the Queen Charlotte Visitor Information Centre. Opening night
about one-hundred eighty people viewed art that answered the question:
What is your relationship to bears?

Forty-three pieces of work produced by thirty-six artists responded to the
question in a variety of media using diverse materials. Over the following
two weeks that the show was in place approximately twenty people a day went
through the exhibition in addition to three art classes from Queen Charlotte schools.

On September 17th the show was packed up and travelled north to Masset and
installed at the Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum. Opening night, with the inclusion
of a few new pieces from local artists, the show was enjoyed by about 100 guests.

The Prize - Betsy Cardell
For Gerry Hawke - Celina Laursen
Awakening the Spirit of the Bear - Alice Cervo
Bear Pole and Grizzly Bear - Dick Bellis
Why the Bear Goes Over the Mountain - Elaine Nyeholt
Untitled - Fran Fowler
Mother - Fred Watmough
Respect Our Ancient Pathways - Shannon Greenwood
Bear - Guujaaw
Untitled - Jaalun Edenshaw
Hanged - Kiki
Maybe they should wear armour? - Liisa Laakso
Dancing with Bears - Manzanita Snow
Untitled - Maryann Ojala
Making Room for Bears - Sandra Price with Anne Wilson and Baxter Houston
Peaceful Cycle - Randal Warnock
Pooh - Rolf Bettner
Out of Sight, Out of Time, Out of Mind - WS Pierson
Reduced to Statistics - Simon Davies
Shadow of It's Former Self - Michael Nicoll Yahgulaanss, Mare Davies, Simon Davies
Untitled - William Broadhead
Untitled - Noel Wotten
A Baby Bear - Benson Hilgemann
Bear Vest - Sharon Hitchcock