SpruceRoots Magazine - September, 1999


Living Between the Sea and the Sky - print detail

The original art work is arcylic and watercolour. e print measures 22"X22" and is printed on heavy art stock. This is a signed and numbered limited-edition of 239 copies.

$145.00 Canadian + shipping - to order email us.

Printed by Hemlock Printers, Vancover, BC.


The sale of this limited-edition print is in support of a workshop being presented in the fall by the Gowgaia Institute. The workshop, focusing on exploring our connections to one another, to the land and all that sustains us, will be facilitated by Amy and Arny Mindell.

Artist Simon Davies has been making art all his life. He attempts to express his perspective of this place in a variety of mediums. To do this he makes use of everything from gouged doors and used metal, to crayons, sticks, and canvas. He curates group shows, and is involved in promoting the relationship between art and the politicized environment of these Islands.

SpruceRoots Magazine - September, 1999