SpruceRoots Magazine - September, 1999

LIVING BETWEEN THE SEA AND THE SKY Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity

by Patty Daniels


To register for the workshop please contact us at 559-4776, email, or stop by our office located above Rainbows Gallery in Queen Charlotte City.

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The Gowgaia Institute is sponsoring a workshop with Arny and Amy Mindell, facilitators and Process Workers from Portland, Oregon. The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24 in Skidegate.

The Mindell's are innovative in their approach to large group work. They are the developers and practioners of a process called Worldwork. Worldwork began in 1971 while Arny was working in Switzerland, South Africa and the United States. He had been frustrated with the slow pace of small group and international change. Colleagues worldwide acknowledged his frustration and groups started forming around new ideas. As facilitators gained experience they found themselves dealing with larger, more diverse, and often international communities. Large open forums began to tackle issues such as economics and racism. The ideas and methods that have been developed are in use today in organizations including the military, multi-ethic groups in conflict, international political and indigenous groups.

With roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism and physics, Process Work is based on the assumption that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself. It provides a practical framework through which individuals, couples, families and groups can connect with greater awareness and creativity. The Mindell's have an exceptional ability to create a safe workshop environment and go below the surface of day to day issues finding the blocks and new information that will help us move forward as individuals and as an Island community.

What this all boils down to is large group transformation using conflict and diversity. The Gowgaia Institute is pleased to be bringing Arny and Amy Mindell back to Haida Gwaii to facilitate Living between the Sea and the Sky. This is a workshop for all islanders to come together, focusing on our relationship to the earth, the sustainability of our communities and our hopes and dreams for the future. It will be held on Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24 in Skidegate. Admission is by donation. However pre-registration is necessary to plan meals, childcare and bus transportation from the north-end.


SpruceRoots Magazine - September, 1999