a place of extraordinary beauty

Takakia Lake is located within the Moresby Lake

watershed, approximately 2 km east of Moresby Lake, and

approximately 500 m higher in elevation than Moresby

Lake. Takakia Lake is situated in a former glacial cirque

589metres above mean sea level. The terrain surrounding

the lake is rugged and the valley below the lake drops off

steeply in westerly direction to Moresby Lake. The outlet

creek draining Takakia Lake (Takakia Lake Creek) drops

over a series of waterfalls and cascades on its way to

Moresby Lake. Moresby Lake then drains via a steep

mountainous creek into the head of Mitchell Inlet.

Vegetation surrounding the lake is sparse with a few

scattered conifers and low-growing herbaceous

vegetation. Much of the area surrounding the lake consists

of exposed bedrock.